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International Maritime & Aviation LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

International Maritime and Aviation LLC

International Maritime and Aviation LLC. is a world class logistics company with multi-faceted services and a commanding market share across the region.
Founded in 1980, with a vision to create a Dynamic Logistic entity to serve the entire Middle East region, IMA offers a complete suite of services from Airfreight, Sea Freight, Road Transport to niche services like Project Management, Transshipments, Supply Chain Merchandising and 3PL/4PL services.
Under the stewardship of Mr. Khalid Al Qassim and Mr. Aubrey Lobo, IMA has experienced unparalleled growth during the last decade.
The company has built a strong presence across the Middle East with fully owned offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as well as a joint venture office in Oman. In addition, we have offices in Algeria and India as plans are underway to include Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Iran into its operations network.
With its sights firmly set at becoming a regional power house, IMA continues to expand its regional network with logistic hubs to provide very specialized services in Warehousing & Distribution, Project Management and Supply Chain to all its valued customers. IMA is also developing an advanced web based system to provide Business-to-Business connectivity to enhance international trade productivity between its customers and global suppliers.
IMA's future plans include commencement of operations at the 'Logistics City'.
Customs Bonded Facility (CFS) in key locations, NVOCC & Consolidation Services across the Middle East.
With all plans on track, IMA is poised to fulfill the vision and become a recognized name globally.

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