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Intercontinental Auditing Dubai

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Accounts Outsourcing | Due Diligence | Industrial Consultancy | Internal & Operational Audit | International Auditing Standards | Project Consultancy | Regulatory Compliance | Reporting | Structured Finance | Tax Consultancy

Company Profile

Intercontinental Auditing Profile

We being goal-oriented firm guided toward offering excellent standard services coupled with utmost satisfaction. We are highly motivated towards efficiency and effectiveness of our clients. We visualize service as not only a task to be accomplished but also as a constant endeavor to extemporize the growing accounting needs and explore the world of accounting solutions to the epitome of perfection. Our group consist of specialized employees having varied experience in the world of financial consultancy. The team is highly updated of the latest financial standards/ terminologies and phenomenon to guide the prospective clients in this global competitive world

Our Services

o Preparing expert reports
o Auditing (Auditing , Limited review & Operational Audit )
o Book-keeping
o Liquidations
o Feasibility Studies & Project Appraisals
o Business Advisory & Consultancy

Opportunities and benefits

o Our team of professionals are highly acquainted with the latest updates in the financial arena thereby building a firm structure for planting the clientele trust
o We provide professional services and consultancies based on the statutory analysis and organization research
o Constructive suggestions and opinions are upon full assessment of clients business and operations giving a financial insight of the main organizational structure. Such opinions are highly independent and free bias
o We have tailor made trailing programs and software to overcome the barriers of book keeping
o Professional financial guidance is also given in the field of Islamic products with due diligence and accordance of the standard economic Islamic objectives

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