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Infocom Computers Trading LLC Dubai

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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Company Profile

Infocom Computers Trading LLC - Profile

INFOCOM COMPUTERS LLC is an IT Systems Integration company with more than a decade of rich experience in providing end to end Infrastructure Products, solutions and Services. INFOCOM was born out of a commitment to quality services and a long term vision based on continuous customer care, innovation and transparency. As a 'total solutions' services provider ranging from IT hardware to software services and consulting, INFOCOM partners with leading enterprises to understand their unique requirements and then builds customized solutions to satisfy business needs. Specific vertical solutions covered by INFOCOM include: computer hardware, enterprise software solutions, infrastructure and networking solutions, e-security solutions, professional outsourcing services and web development services.

On top of these solutions, we have built up our service capabilities and team for supporting installation and warranty, professional services and Managed Services. Improve your business and increase your company value with our complete range of services, from entry-level solutions for small and medium businesses, to business continuity solutions with the highest level of service performance.

We are striving to be a total IT technology company and provide our exhaustive clientele with highly cost effective and up to date solution.

Packaged Software
Structured Cabling
Wireless solutions
Storage solutions
Power Solutions
Voice Solution
Annual Maintenance Contract
Facility Management

We provide man power to take care of IT facilities like Help Desk, Server Management, Cabling Management, Network Management, Lease Line Management, Data Backup, Mail Management and Others.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152