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Indata Oilfield Equipments & Suppliers Dubai

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Indata Oilfield Equipments & Suppliers Profile

The quick solution provider of oilfield equipment for onshore & offshore operations around GCC, Europe, Africa & Asian countries.
We deal in 2/3 Phase Test / Production Separator ,Skids (1440 psi / 2160 psi / 300 psi / 700psi), Well Test Packages on Trailer ,Mounted, MPFM Package on Skid or Trailer Mounted, Chock Manifold (15k, 10k & 5k),Cyclonic Sand Separator Skid, Wire Line Skids, Hydro Cyclone Skid, Line Heater Skid (5k & 10k),Steam Heat, Exchanger Skid (5k & 10k),Surge Tank Skid, KO Drum Skid, Burner Booms, Mud/Frac Tanks , Trailer Mountable, Custody Metering Skid, Pump Skid, Produced Water Treatment Skid ,Oil and Gas Manifold ,Workshop Container ,Interconnecting Piping and Crossovers ,Glycol Regeneration Skid ,Gas Dehydration Skids, Plate Heat Exchangers, Slug Catcher Skid, BOP Skid, ESD System, ESD Cabins, Trailer Mounted Skids, Lab Cabins to DNV

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152