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Hutaib Infotech Solutions Dubai

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Company Profile

About the Company

Hutaib Infotech Solutions was established in the year 2011 in Dubai, UAE to provide high-level security and CCTV surveillance systems. Besides being an end-to-end provider of ICT and security systems, the company has expanded rapidly to include products and services such as time attendance and door access systems, and structured cabling along with network and low voltage systems.

The company provides its products and services to commercial, government, as well as industrial sectors across the UAE. The company has an extensive network of suppliers and focuses on quality and seamless integration along with the existing setup of clients.

Products and Services Offered

Hutaib Infotech Solutions' products in the security and monitoring categories can provide the much needed peace of mind to the property owners. The company supplies high-end and trusted services such as CCTV surveillance, time and attendance monitoring, gate barriers, biometric readers, intrusion alarm systems, and intercom systems.

The CCTV solutions can form an important component in your home security systems. They can deter theft, avoid vandalism, decrease liability, monitor high-risk areas, ensure quality control, ensure the safety of the staff, and also keep the recording for future reference. The time attendance solution can help the HR and payroll division to function much more efficiently. It can record the time-in and time- out automatically, thus eliminating the need for manual attendance.

The company's door access control system is highly popular and is used extensively in offices as well as residences. It allows access control in a simple way while also increasing the security and efficiency at home or in an organization. The system also eliminates the need for carrying multiple keys for multiple rooms in a large area. In case the access card of an access control system is lost, it can easily be deactivated and replaced by a new one.


The company has ISO 9001:2015 certification that aptly demonstrates the quality of its services and its importance as a top rate IT service and solutions offering company. It was selected for inclusion in Worldwide Business Reviews magazine's 2018 Small Business Elite with the exclusive title of Leaders in Surveillance Systems, UAE.

The company was also conferred recognition at the prestigious INTERSEC conference in the year 2016 and was recognized for its exceptional solutions and performance delivery for the fiscal year 2015-2016 by WatchNET International. The company has some esteemed customers in Dubai and UAE and works to provide total customer satisfaction, maximum ROI, and exceptional professionalism.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152