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Heating Elements Industries LLC Dubai

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Heating Elements Industries

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of all kinds of Industrial Heaters in MENA region. Our extensive restructure and investment program is designed to ensure HEI is the choice for design and supply bespoke industrial electric heating elements. Heating Elements Industries manufactures a complete line of industrial heating products, including Tubular heaters, Immersion heaters, Duct heaters, Defrost heaters, nozzle band heaters, mica band heaters, ceramic band heaters, strip heaters, cartridge heaters, Thermowells and thermocouples, all in the MENA Region. We also carry accessories such as temperature controllers, and temperature sensors. We have partnered with Hospitality, aerospace, medical, dental, commercial, plastics, Pipes, aviation, military, nuclear, electronic, Packaging and Bottling, Pharmaceutical, Perfume Industry, Shipping and Marine and Automotive Industry.
Our Efficient and experienced Technical Team will help you to find your wattage requirements as well as suggested watt densities. You will also find installation suggestions, ohms law, wiring diagrams and most everything you will need to find the correct heater for your application.


Our mission remains total customer satisfaction through effective customer communication, on-time deliveries, and best products. We are committed to developing enduring business relationships through excellent customer service and open communication. Our customers appreciate our reliability, innovativeness and quality of products.


To give customers a wide assortment of customized heating elements with best Prices, guaranteed satisfaction, friendly service. We understands and satisfies the client requirement regarding the products, service and Prompt Delivery at the premises.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152