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Gulf Gardens Landscape LLC Dubai

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Irrigation System | Planting

Company Profile

Founded in February 2007 the

Founded in February 2007, the company was established to tap into the region's expanding outdoor architecture and landscaping industry, which continues to grow despite the current slowdown in the market.
Up and running a period of ten (10) years, Gulf Gardens has taken part in a number of high-profiles projects across the emirates of Dubai, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain and continues to expand its presence further as it eyes opportunities in other emirates too.
We are a well established organization with great success in the U.A.E. market. As the Directors, who built this company are hands on and work alongside the staff has wide range of experience in landscape industry, which exceed expectations and to ensure both our clients and customers objectives are met.
We have a reputation for long term successful partnerships built on reliability and great service. Over the years, Gulf Gardens has been the recognized for the highest quality of service and for meeting customer expectations. Supported by an extremely reliable team of design professionals and highlycompetent engineers, the company provides creative concepts, innovative solutions and uniquely specific features in the creation and development of leisure attractions. This results in high-quality personalized service for each of its customers. The experience gained by the firm, the variety of projects covering virtually every phase of landscaping and irrigation, is an outstanding testimony to the mobility, versatility and breadth of an outstanding organization.
We take pride in our reputation as a reliable source for great candidates on a quick response and turn around. As a result of client recommendations, customer loyalty and consistently providing high quality candidates with professional service to match, Gulf gardens has continued to expand their wings in the landscape industry.

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