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Gulf Eco Friendly Services LLC Ajman


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Company Profile

Gulf Eco Friendly Services LLC Profile

Gulf Eco Friendly Services (GEFS) is a leading wastewater treatment technology company in the Middle East and a reputed contractor for some of the largest STPs in the third emirate of the United Arab Emirates - Sharjah.
At GEFS, we offer one of the finest yet simple build, installation and operations services for wastewater treatment that align with environmental compliance and increase accountability while keeping costs to a minimum.
Our method of treatment is designed to resolve problems such as odours, sludge, toxins and clogging. Processes such as sampling and water analysis assure proper balance of treatment steps, thus meeting effluent requirements and implementing improvements to ensure the wastewater treatment plant maintains long-term and stable operations.
GEFS started in the UAE in 2009 as an operations and maintenance contractor for sewage treatment plants. Since then, the company has broadened its expertise in the customised building, operation and commissioning of RO plants that meet international standards.
The company has also been proficient in the area of process water treatment for commercial industries and advanced wastewater technologies for domestic and large scale projects through its partnership with Hydro Industries (UK) and Jet Incorp (USA).

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