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Gulf Cobla (L.L.C.) is an international dredging company focused on dredging works in the Middle East and surrounding areas.
Our fleet of Cutter Suction Dredgers is deployed for capital dredging works as well as for maintenance works. Gulf Cobla has been active in the Middle East since 1970 and has played a major role in a substantial number of urbanization projects around the Middle East.
Gulf Cobla is committed and equipped to provide you with a satisfactory product, whether it is by dredging, reclamation, marine charters or survey services.
Gulf Cobla's dredging services range from capital dredging, maintenance dredging, rock dredging, trench dredging, foundation dredging to beach replenishment and land reclamation dredging works. Due to the high accuracy of our equipment and the experience of our dredge operators, Gulf Cobla is specialized in dredging along existing structures and executing complicated dredging projects.
In order to be self supporting, Gulf Cobla operates and owns varies types of support equipment such as, crane barges, cargo barges, work boats, split hopper barge and other related marine plant and equipment.
Depending the requirements for their equipment on the various projects, Gulf Cobla provides compatible charter contracts for all interested parties.
To demonstrate compliance to dredging specifications, Gulf Cobla operates a fully equipped and professional survey department. Topographic and hydrographic surveys are a key part of dredging and reclamation operations. Therefore Gulf Cobla always has been a self-provider for the dredging and reclamation related surveys, associated with the works.
Up-to-date hardware such as DGPS & RTK positioning systems, multibeam echosounding systems, single & dual frequency echosounders in combination with state of the art motion sensors, sound velocity profilers, etc. provide the hardware infrastructure for the accurate execution of any hydrographic or topographic survey requirement
Our survey team is available for both internal and external survey activities and is very keen to demonstrate that high quality of survey works can go hand-in-hand with low rates.
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