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Glomar Trading LLC Dubai

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Based in the fastest growing city in the Middle East - Dubai - since 1999, Glomar has been the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) agent and distributor for professional hair & skin care brands, personal care brands, laboratory & medical instruments and branded accessories.
Glomar took the role of agent and distributor a step further, however. Not only did it carry out its regular required duties, but Glomar contributed to the branding of its lines by working closely on new concepts with the manufacturers, in addition to adding its own touch to suit MENA requirements.
The founders of Glomar come from an authentic Middle Eastern background and were based in Western Europe where they pursued their education and early working career. For that reason, they chose Dubai as the ideal portal to bring the best of the European and Middle Eastern worlds.
This unique blend of two worlds is the secret behind Glomar's success in being able to entirely fulfill all its requirements to its clients, employees and associates.
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