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Global Scan Technologies LLC Dubai

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Global Scan Technologies LLC Profile

GlobalScan Technologies LLC (GST) is a pioneering company, founded in 2002 in Dubai, delivering comprehensive Geo Information Solutions across the entire business spectrum. GST has become a regional leader in the latest Earth Science products and services. GST has its own satellite receiving station for earth observation satellite imagery. By combining Remote Sensing and GIS with earth science specialized skilled staff, GST provides a wide range of strategic and technical approaches on Natural and Environment sciences and applications. GST provides solutions in Real Time Oil Spill Detection, Satellite Imagery, Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery as well as various ranges of LIDAR solution equipments from Optech (Terrestrial, Mobile and Airborne) and LIDAR data processing software and services. GST is the leading manufacturer and service provider for customized Intelligent Vehicle Tracking and Business Automation Solution in the region, ENVI Software, IDL Software, Zmap Software, Virtual Geomatics LiDAR Processing Software, Aster Satellite Imagery, Multispectral Imagery, SAR Imagery

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