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Gandhi Clearing Company LLC Dubai

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Gandhi Clearing Company LLC Profile

We are a well-established clearing agency with solutions to all your Import & Export needs within Dubai. >Do you require assistance with Dubai Municipality Services? >Customs Clearing Solutions? >Transportation Solutions - TO & FRO Free zone companies? >Legalization of documents with Chamber of Commerce / Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Dubai Municipality? >Are you launching a new company in Dubai and need consulting from the PRO? >Are you looking for a hassle-free clearing agent who provides a smooth Import & Export process for you with your minimal involvement? >Do you need someone to guide you through every step of ensuring, your conducting the Dubai Municipality & Customs obligations correctly? >Need a helping hand to grow your Food / Cosmetics Business to its peak? Your one stop shop to having your daily shipments delivered from the port, right at your doorstep, Contact Gandhi Clearing Company LLC. We are working with a fleet of well-established and renowned brands with great years of experience at hand. We take care of your Product Registrations, Label Assessments, Cosmetics Label Approvals, Food Import and Re-Exports, Manufacturing Raw Material Imports, Registration of your company with Dubai Municipality or even Establishing/Renewing your new Importer / Exporter Code. Not to forget, we ensure to avoid excess costs on demurrage and storage incurred due to negligence and we widely understand the Value of Time for any kind of business activity. Drop us your query at our website [email protected]

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152