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Flowline Oilfield Spare Parts Trading LLC Sharjah


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Double Walled Pipe | Fire Valves | Fuel Dispensers | Fuel Management System | Fuel Systems | GRP Fuel Pipe | Leak Detection Systems | Level Sensor | Level Switch | Tank Fittings | Tank Management System

Company Profile

Flowline is a one stop

Flowline is a one stop store for your fuel storage and handling solutions. We specialize in providing state of the art products and solutions that meet your requirements as well as your budget. Our engineering expertise combined with top notch manufacturing partners in the industry, enables us to tackle the most sophisticated fuel handling and management problems. No matter how complex the system requirement is, we have an answer!

Since inception, we have been consistently growing in size and capability to provide reliable and cost effective fuel handling solutions complying with the top industry standards. Associated with renowned and quality manufacturers around the globe, we offer trustworthy products and state of the art solutions you can rely on.

Our extensive range of products include:

Storage tank & tank accessories
Pumps & flow meters
Level & flow control equipments
Fill-point equipments
Tank truck (tanker) equipments
Service station equipments

Our capabilities include:

Customized fuel system design & development
Turnkey fuel handling solutions
Erecting fuel storage and distribution systems
HDPE single and double wall piping
Commercial and retail filling stations

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152