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Flameco Group Dubai


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Exit Light | Expanded | Extruded | FM200 System | Fire Doors | Fire Mobile | Hydrant | Insulation | Road Barrier | Suppression System

Company Profile

Flameco Group Profile

FLAMECO GROUP company is still growing and leading for Building Materials and for Safety and Security. We handle various industrial, distribution, office, retail and commercial projects in UAE and GCC. Our products high quality designed a product that meets all the international and local standards.
FLAMECO GROUP is into products that provide total customer satisfaction. It has been providing support and services to all major industries, contractors and traders in the UAE and GCC. Our core products include Extruded Polystyrene & Geotextile Membrane and anything regarding Safety and Security.
FLAMECO GROUP has dedicated and committed professionals and service-oriented staff. We provide excellent sales and after sales service. We provide widest range of product line with highest level of quality products to our customers at a very competitive pricing.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152