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Fischer Instruments Middle East FZCO Dubai

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Fischer Instruments Middle East FZCO - Profile


FISCHER INSTRUMENTS MIDDLE EAST FZCO isan ISO 9001 certified company 100% subsidiary of Helmut Fischer Group which is a global market leader in high-precision measurement technology. For the past 65 years, the company has developed and produced instruments for coating thickness measurement, material analysis and material testing. Fischer's promise of "Measuring Made Easy" expresses its commitment to customer friendliness. Robust devices, intuitive user interfaces and excellent service - these are the hallmarks of the Fischer Group, with 21 subsidiaries and over 50 agencies worldwide.
A total of 21 Middle East countries including UAE is handled efficiently by FISCHER INSTRUMENTS MIDDLE EAST FZCO and its wide spread highly experienced & trained network of dealers to provide prompt sales and service support.
FISCHER INSTRUMENTS MIDDLE EAST FZCO having its head office in Dubai finds its application in diverse fields like Surface Coating, Corrosion Prevention, Automotive, Auto-Components, Electroplating, Powder Coating, Electronics, Electrical, Galvanizing, Research & Development and allied industries. The company works towards offering its customers leading-edge business solutions that augment quality, productivity, durability & reliability of their end- products.


Handheld and bench-top instruments used in coating thickness measurement. Instruments offered are designed based on magnetic induction, eddy current, beta back-scatter, coulometric& micro-resistance method.
Various table top units for use in coating thickness and material analysis. These are designed based on Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence method (EDXRF).
Microhardness and Nanoindentation measuring instruments.
Material testing Instruments for application in electrical conductivity, ferrite content, anodic sealing & porosity testing.


FISCHER INSTRUMENTS MIDDLE EAST FZCO manages a large and tightly-linked network of service engineers and experts who are well-versed in setup, maintenance, training & calibration. Their ongoing support allows us to sustain reliability, innovation and precision of FISCHER products all across the world.


FISCHER has a robust in-house manufacturing unit in Germany. Trained employees work at these production plants to come up with products that meet client requirements

Research and Development

FISCHER, has a strong Research & Development team with over 20% of its staff working in the R&D wing. Competent engineers, scientists & highly qualified graduates specialized in fields like physics, chemistry, electronics, technical engineering & informatics have been appointed in the company to work on new products & techniques. FISCHER also maintains excellent tie-ups with renowned universities and research institutes for facilitating product innovation at all times.

Global Technical Sales with Local Expertise

We manage our own sales offices and specialized agencies through which we offer our service assistance in all the major industrial regions of the globe including Middle East. We periodically train our team of local sales & service engineers on innovative products and latest applications so as to provide clients with the most apt support and advice on all FISCHER products and services.

Training and Seminars

We offer training to our valued clients and dealers on measurement basics. We also conduct seminars on the correct and optimal use of our instruments and hold expert symposia on special topics.

Application Laboratories

To render highly-qualified technical support and assistance in Middle East Market, FISCHER INSTRUMENTS MIDDLE EAST FZCO has set up strategically located application laboratory in Dubai along with demo instruments in various other countries through our wide spread dealer networks across Middle East.

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