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Falcon Rubber, Plastic & Tyre Mfg Co LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

Profile of Falcon Rubber

Falcon Rubber LLC, an ISO9001 certified company, is the oldest rubber products manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates. Established in Dubai in the year 1988, it is known for the quality products it manufactures and supplies to a wide range of customers both within and outside the region. Located in the Dubai Investments Park, in close proximity to one of the world's major shipping ports (Jabel Ali) and the new aviation hub of Al Maktoum International Airport, we are ideally placed to serve our customers not only in the Emirates but also in countries far and wide.

The knowledge and experience gained over the past three decades, and the customer-centric culture that the company promotes throughout the organization, ensure that our products and services meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

In addition to the standard products, we have the ability to supply custom-designed products meeting customers' technical requirements for specific applications.

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