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Equipment International LLC (EQUINT) Dubai


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Compressor | HVLP TECHNICIS | Paint shop in Dubai | Spray Booth | Spray Gun | Spray Paint | THINNER | Technics Cardboard Filter | Universal Wood Stain

Company Profile

Equipment International LLC (EQUINT) - Profile

Equipment International LLC is the only distributor of the most creative paint colors and the most innovative equipment for painting supplies and materials. HVLP5500 (High Volume Low Pressure) turbine, Spray booth, Technicis Cardboard Filter to name a few. Since 1973, our company has been providing builders, contractors, repairmen, and private homeowners with quality products and expert services. Our team of experienced home improvement professionals offer sound advice, recommendations, and creative ideas to our clienteles. Hands-on assistance with projects is our main concern. Customer satisfaction is always at the top of everything we do.
At Equipment International LLC, we're committed to helping builders, remodelers, and even those dealing with minor repairs to provide products and services that suit their needs. No matter the size and complexity of the project, we're at your service. Our brand names Paints, Equipments, and accessories are available at a very affordable prices. We look forward to helping you complete your project. Contact us to let us know how.

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