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Energex International LLC Dubai

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Fountain Lights | Industrial Plug & Sockets | LED Drivers & Ballast | LED Lamps | LED Panels | Power Supply | Relay & Connectors | Sockets | Sports Fields Lighting | Stage Lighting | Switches | Wiring Accessories

Company Profile

About The Company

Energex International L.L.C. is engaged in the supply and installation of innovative lighting solutions, lighting automation and electrical products supply to hotels, hospitals, industrial contractors, professional staging and projects. We focus of high quality, innovative and sustainable energy saving solutions from trusted brands, at a price affordable.

Mission ;
Ambition to become the leader for innovative lighting technology and to provide utmost care when it comes to serving our customers
Our Vision
Create a brighter and sustainable living for many people, by highest quality of customer service with a great sense of professionalism.
Our Values
A well committed team that works diligently to provide you with the best solutions and service that meet your requirements, and most importantly the trust.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152