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Empire Marine International LLC Dubai


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About The Company

With over two decades of experience in the service Industry, Empire Groups' venture Empire Marine International continues to add new products to its store. Our principles located mainly in Europe and North America supports us with training and expertise to deal with sophisticated marine equipments to the discerning clients. Our representatives in GCC countries and India are well experienced in the trade with enough expertise to cater to the needs of the clients.

Empire Marine International has a large well displayed showroom at Al-Jadaf Ship Docking Yard DY 115, Dubai, and UAE. The showroom is specially designed, keeping in mind the ever increasing needs of the boating enthusiasts who would like to see and feel the product in the correct settings before they buy something.

Being a regular in all the Major International Boat shows, Empire marine International is familiar with major manufacturers of boating products, Boating enthusiasts, Boat builders, Equipment manufacturers, etc. and also has many associations in the form of franchise ships, exclusive agency and selling agreements directly with the manufacturer.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152