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Emitech Middle East Sharjah

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Cable Glands | Cables | Control Panel Products & Solutions | Enclosures | Relays | Safety Switches

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Focus in the field of electrical, instrumentation & Automation, and has established a commanding position in procuring and delivering systems, equipment and spare parts for Oil and Gas industries, Heavy industries, power water generation plants and construction field.

With Emitech, you can be assured of product and service excellence with access to the most extensive range of high quality products. We specialize in bringing to you the leading brands of quality products, from around the world.

Our knowledge of market trends and emerging product innovations enables us to address the unique challenges presented by the construction, Oil & Gas , Telecommunication , Marine & Shipping, Energy and Manufacturing industries, to name a few. Our team of dedicated and highly trained sales specialists can help you make well informed procurement decisions.

In short, we are a One stop shop for all engineering requirements presenting a board product line with a far-reaching expertise in electrical, instrumentation and Automation field.

Our efficient and experienced sales team backed by the support of the Engineers helps in providing customer service of the highest standard. Offering the customer with the necessary Techno-commercial backing , as part of Emitech commitment to excellence

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152