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Bridge Bearings & Joints | Racking Systems | Shelving Systems | Waterproofing

Company Profile

Emirates Specialities Company LLC Profile

Emirates Specialities Company L.L.C. was founded in 1967 as Specialities Company, for the import and distribution of building materials as well as the application of various products. In 1983, the company was re-structured as a Limited Liability Company and re-named as we are known today - Emirates Specialities Co. L.L.C., which is majority owned by U.A.E. nationals and operates under trade licenses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.
Emirates Specialities Company represents a number of leading manufacturers and suppliers of construction, maintenance and warehousing products, as outlined under Company Divisions. The Companys Head Office, including warehouse and sales and distribution facilities, is situated in the Al Quoz industrial area of Dubai. Our Abu Dhabi office is fully staffed with its own warehouse and distribution facilities at Mina Zayed. At our Sharjah facility we concentrate on the manufacture of various construction products, with a separate regional sales and distribution center. We produce a wide range of construction chemicals, through-colored renders and expanded metal products under licenses from Speciality Engineering Chemicals (SpEC) and Expamet Building Products (Expamet).
Emirates Specialities Company has been active in the fields of specialized building materials, architectural products, tools and equipment, racking and shelving and environmental materials for all types of development projects. With this wide product range, the company has been able to participate in almost all construction and development projects in the Emirates, be it residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, utilities, repair and maintenance, warehousing, etc. The company employs professionally qualified managers, sales engineers, administrators, accountants and other skilled personnel for its production, sales and installation activities.

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