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Eminex Electrical Trading LLC Dubai


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Company Profile

Eminex Electrical LLC - Profile

Eminex Electrical is a provider of electrical & lighting products in the UAE. Working with well renowned brands, the company aims to be a one stop destination for the construction industry.
With a highly experienced team, the company vows to provide solutions of unmatched quality.

Offer outstanding service, products, quality and value.

Our Vision
With the fast paced construction growth in the middle east, quality and service tops the priority of contractors along with product expertise. Eminex envisions to be the market leader in electrical & lighting supplies by building strong relations and trust with our stakeholders.
Eminex believes in SPQV (Service, Products, Quality Value) model and incorporates the same in its daily operations.

What we offer
We provide a wide range of solutions from reputed brands across the globe. All our products are consultant approved and are designed to match the industry specifications.Together with our partners, our aim is to provide the best solution to match your requirement and budget.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152