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Dubai Building Materials Supply Center (L.L.C.) Jebel Ali

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Stainless Steel Stockist

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About The Company

DBMSC - STEEL FZCO is the leading steel distributor in the GCC, Middle East, Africa and Asia markets for more than five decades. Our vision is to provide high quality products and value-added services to the oil and gas, marine and offshore, construction and onshore industries. As we commit to invest in technologically advanced solutions and aim to take forward our heritage of quality and trust to enrich lives with the nation.

Founded by the late Udharam Shewakramani and the current Chairman Rupchand Shewakramani in the year 1970, shortly before the formation of UAE, DBMSC is a name that has progress with the nation. Our steel products are world-class, meeting the highest international standards, extensive marketing network and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. With a focus in procurement, project management, delivery of structural steel products and outstanding distribution network, we serve excellence to the big corporate business in the region. Our long-standing mill support enables us to supply fully certified steel products at the most comprehensive prices. Our commitment and technological innovation are backed up by our experience, knowledge and expertise that enables us to deliver value at every stage of a project - from initial ideas through to specification, design, processing and delivery.

As we value-based partnership with our clientele, we work as enablers for our clients and invest our resources beyond our capabilities to consult-sharing the vast knowledge base we bring along and step forward to share the burden of funding client projects by ensuring that their requirements are in our stock, eventually helping them to focus on multiple projects simultaneously.

As the Company continually grows, we ensure that our customers projects face no supply interruption. Our new identity, inspired by our past, embodies our visionary approach of always being ahead of our time in identifying innovative solutions that optimize cost and resources thereby fueling business growth for our clientele. As we gear up for the next decade, we aspire to remain innovative, steadfast and committed not only to satisfying the needs of our clientele but also to remain motivated in providing solutions to complex supply challenges.

The continued success we are now enjoying is the result of our teams passion and commitment, continued patronage by our clientele and solid support by our supply chain partners have been the pillars of our steady growth. Moreover, company is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certified and certified by Dun and Bradstreet for its financial strength with a rating of 5A2.

The Company is a specialist in the structural steel segment and stocks a variety of products such as
Mild and High Tensile Plates and Coils
High Strength and Low Alloy Steel - HSLA
Structural Offshore Qualities
Shipbuilding Grades
Abrasion Resistant or Armor Ballistic Plates
Galvanized, Alu Zinc and Stainless Sheets and Coils
Pre-Painted G.I. or A.Z. or AL. Coils
Cold Rolled Coils and Sheets
Aluminium and Stainless Steel
Wide Flange Beams and Columns - UB,UC,HEA,HEB,IPE,W.JIS
Channels - Taper and Parallel
Angles - Equal, Unequal and Inverted
Flat, Square and Round Bars
Bulb Flats
Sheet Piles
Reinforcement Bars and Wire Rods
G.I. and Self Colour Gratings
Mild Steel and Stainless
Seamless Pipes
ERW Pipes
Hollow Sections - Circular, Rectangular and Square
Value Added Steel Products
Profiled Roofing Sheets
Sandwich Panels
Z and C Purlins
Perforated Sheets
Decking Sheets

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