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Dolphin Group Sharjah

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Air vent heads | Anchor | Drilling Bits | Mud Pump spare Parts | Water Tight Doors | Winches

Company Profile

About The Company

Dolphin Group Represents Companies in the Marine Industry.

Regional Agents and stockiest for Winel Netherland Products including Tank Vent Check Valves (Stockiest), Weathertight Watertight Doors Electric Hydraulically Operated Doors & Fire Doors manufactured in Holland.

Representative Dealers AND Stockiest for CMC Anchors, Anchor Chain and Fittings, Air Vent Head Assemblies, Type OS and MEC (gooseneck), Fairlead Rollers, Panama Chocks and Marine Door Handles made in China.

Representative Dealers AND Stockiest for Winel the Netherlands for aluminum Air vent Head.

Representative Dealers AND Stockiest for Taixing Haixing China Disc type Air vent Head and Goose Neck type.

Dolphin Manufacture Rotomoulded Float Balls for tank vents made from impact-resistant, UV stabilized Polyethylene in many sizes, between 65mm and 300mm
Dolphin Manufacture Venture Air Movers to the European pattern.

Dolphin Source Marine Equipment (both new and second hand) and Engine Spares (both OEM and Replacement), particularly Ruston, Allen, Yammer, Alaska, Hanshin and Daihatsu.

Representative Dealers and Stockiest for Water Technology from Germany Manufacturer of Deep Water Level Detectors.

Exceptional Functional and Technical Expertise Coupled with Extensive Industry Knowledge Makes Dolphin Group the ideal choice for you and your company needs.
Dolphin is a Registered Member of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce.

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