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Deira Sun Heavy Equipment Dubai


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Bus Rental | Cargo Transport | Construction Equipment Rental | Contractors - Earthmoving | Heavy Equipment | Logistics & Warehousing

Company Profile

Deira Sun Heavy Equipment Profile

The concept was perceived in 2001 and commercialized in 2008 with a motto to serve and care by Mr. Zakariya Ahmed Surve.
Today we have a fleet of 55 Construction Machineries, Heavy & Light Equipments, Buses & Vans, Cargo Pickups all sizes from 1 ton light vehicle to 35 ton heavy machinery & 50 feet Trailers.
We also provide machines & vehicles on rental basis. Deira Sun also undertakes Earth works & Demolition contracts. Construction contracting like removal of rubble and sand, excavation and disposal and provides logistics support to the construction company with supply of machines, vehicles for moving men, materials and machines.
Deira Sun Transport also offer intercity travel and tourism services, visa change services, Umrah transport services and transportation of students, staff & labours on contract basis.
Deira Sun transport also undertakes contracts for cargo transfer local in all Emirates to and fro from all ports and we also transport beyond boundaries in GCC and are expanding our reach to new destinations.

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