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Daruwala Brothers Rolla Sharjah

Daruwala Brothers Rolla Branches


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Adhesives | Fastener | Rigging Items | Self Tapping Screws | Tools

Company Profile

About The Company

DARUWALA BROS LLC, an organization established way back in
1976 by our founder Mr. Hakimuddin Daruwala in the city of Sharjah. We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the oldest dealers in all types of screws, bolts, nuts and hand tools in the UAE. Over a period of four decades, we have received a good repute of a reliable supplier of quality items and Specialized range of Fasteners, Anchors, Marine items. and Chemicals.
Today we proudly deal with complete satisfaction of price and quality in our clientele of Govt Companies, MNCs, Engineering workshops, Ship Building & Maintenance industries, Refrigeration companies and Construction companies.
Dedicated to quality and driven by our principles, today we are distributors
of many agencies and dealers in well renowned brands of tools &
fasteners. We are also one of the oldest existing dealers of Fischer brand
products, be it Sanitary Fittings, Anchoring Systems or Chemical Fixings.
Our stores have a large range of products displayed for comparison and understanding of quality difference to make a better choice of purchase.
The purpose of this profile is to give you a brief of our stock items and
product range. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us and we will cater to your requirements.

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