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Crescent Middle East Trading & Oilfield Services Profile

CMETS -Crescent Middle East Trading & Oilfields Services is an Engineering, Trading & Contracting Company based in UAE actively supporting products and services to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation/ Utilities, EPC, MEP, Other Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects to provide a full range of Solutions.
CMETS operates as Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Automation Controls, Low Voltage & Security Solutions and our core business segments focuses:

All types of Valves Fittings & Tubes- SS, CS
Actuators (Intelligent & Electrical)
Level/ Pressure / Temperature / Flow Sensors/RTD/Air Flow Regulator
Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges
Level/ Pressure / Temperature / Flow Transmitters
Instrumentation/ Control / Fiber Optic / LV Copper Cables Aluminum Cables / Fire Resistant / Flame Retardant Cables
Various Instrumentation, Mechanical & Electrical Systems and Spares
HVAC & PLC Controls like ABB, Siemens, Allen Bradley
All types of parts for Gas Turbine & Drive Systems in the Steel , Aluminium and Paper Industries.

We represent the world well-known companies like Versateh USA, Gas Turbine Controls Corp., Enertork, Sick Sensors, Camunacavi, FITOK, Fluidtech Valves, HP Valves, Siemag Industries, Tescom, Ruelco, The EX Zone Ltd, Samsung, TOA etc.

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