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Choufani Wrought Iron Company LLC Abu Dhabi

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Choufani Wrought Iron Company LLC Profile

Since 1987, Choufani has flourished to become one of the most known wrought iron and interior design businesses in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. Our long lasting products and projects have blessed us with life-long clients all over the world. Choufani Design is divided into two departments: Wrought iron & Interior Design. Our wrought iron department is available to cater to client needs through two subdivisions; ready-made and custom-made works. Our Ready-Made works are our set of works that are in stock; bedroom sets (vanity sets, beds, bedside tables etc) garden sets, living room sets, accessories for the home such as stands, coffee tables, consoles, cupboards, chairs, flower-pots, mailboxes, curtain rods, lamps, canopies, and even gifts or occasion souvenirs such as handcrafted candle-holders. Though we do have various sets of the products, upon demand we cater to customer needs to create specific designs for gifts, or custom-made works of certain products. Ex. decorative accessories for restaurants such as baker racks, decorative iron letters and anything that can be forged into a beautiful accessory for your shop or home. Our Custom-Made works are project-based, consisting of handrails, gates, doors, wall metal decoration, console tables and mirrors, domes, windows, pergolas, balconies, bathroom sets, fences, exterior decorations, decorative items used in the building sector etc. We also create custom-made works of any original idea that our interior design department may have or by client request. Whether the works are custom or previously ready made items, we do integrate many different materials such as wood, marble and colored glass to our projects. We even have our very own handrail design with Swarovski crystals.
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