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Camtech Security Solutions LLC Dubai

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Access Control | Biometric Systems | CCTV Systems | IP Camera | Time Attendance System

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Camtech Security Solutions LLC Profile

Camtech Security Solutions is a leading security systems company in Dubai that offers a diverse spectrum services like IT Solutions, Security solutions, Telephony solutions and Home automation solutions. CamTechs core competency relies on providing security systems like CCTV security camera, IP Camera, Access Control Systems,Time Attendance Systems,security alarm systems etc.We provide a wide variety of CCTV cameras,Digital Video Recorders (DVR),Mobile DVRs, IP cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR), wireless security cameras,surveillance camera systems etc. Coming to Access Control systems and Time Attendance Sytems, we have biometric (fingerprint and face recognition) and card operated(RFID / Mifare) access control and time attendance systems. CamTechs solutions for telephony are supply and installation of PBX telephone systems, IP PBX phone systems(VOIP / Internet Telephony), telephone voice recording system,auto attendant system, interactive voice response system (IVR) and structured cabling solutions. Our home security systems include CCTV cameras ,IP Cameras, access control systems,intruder alarm systems,telephone/data networking, audio video intercom system and home automation package includes centralized audio video multi room system, curtain control &ac control ,dimming control with mood lighting, home theaters, multi zone wireless music distribution, , back ground music and paging systems etc.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152