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Bukathir Refrigeration Spare Parts Trading LLC Dubai


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About The Company

Bukathir Refrigeration S/Parts Trading LLC was formed in 1998 under the Meticulous Guidance of P.D.Vijaya Mohanan, CEO of Albaz Group of Companies, to Provide Customers with the Complete Supply and Delivery Solution for High Quality Refrigeration Parts, HVAC and Electrical Components.
Our Range of HVAC and Refrigeration Parts includes

1. Original Equipment manufacturer spares from Emerson Copeland, Tecumseh, Embraco, Cubigel, P&M, AKO, Nidec, Althermo and others.
2. Refrigeration Compressors, Condensing Units, A/C Gas, expansion valve, compressor oil.
3. HVAC Controls, Contactors, Filter Driers, Condensing motor, Grill motor, Evaporator motor, Double and Single shaft motor, Capacitors, Copper coil.
4. Sight Glasses, Flaring & Swaging tools, Manifold &Gauges, Tube bender, Multi benders, Vacuum Pumps, Condensing Units, Blowers, Cutters, Capillary,
Charging Hoses, Couplers, Expansion valve, Ratchet, Coupler, Shut-off valve,
5. Cold room Hinges and Locks, Curtain Rolls, Curtain Fittings
6. Hot Plates, Drain Heaters, Door Heaters, Defrost Heaters.

Our central values consist of

1. Providing Timely and Consistent Service to our Customers.
2. Adapting and Molding our company to meet the Advancements in the Industry.
3. Our Deep-set Emphasis on Providing the Customer with Quality Products.
4. Providing Utmost Significance to Customer Suggestions and Requirements, thereby taking it as a Road map to Improve our Business Practices and our
Contribution to the HVAC industry.
5. Operate and Conduct our Business in a Fair-minded and Even Manner.
6. Stay in Good Comradeship with our Fellow Businesses in the same Industry and to Hold Competition only Towards Ourselves and Become an Improved Business Enterprise with each passing year.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152