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Bluechem Industries LLC Sharjah

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Bluechem Industries LLC Profile

We, \"BlueChem Industries LLC" has started our business in 2010 to market AdBlue® for our technical partner ChemBG from Belgium. Now the business maturity has taken us to the next level to produce AdBlue® within the country with the strict monitoring and control on quality of our technical partner for the purpose of cost saving and benefit our valued customer. The state of the art, fully automated, environmental friendly AdBlue® manufacturing plant has been installed by our technical partner in Europe and been erected in our factory in UAE. This plant is started the production from March, 2013. Hoping, any new legislation will be introduced in the country which will lead a path to "green earth and blue sky" concept by the environmentalist to use AdBlue®. We are prepared to meet any demand of AdBlue® in the future. In our inventory at any given time we have the raw material 200 metric tons and 200,000 liters of product AdBlue®. The production plant is designed to produce 15,000 liters of AdBlue® per 12 hours shift which means the production capacity nearing 1 million liters per month. We are planning to add a new team to campaign and create the awareness in the government authoritys level in all GCC countries about the product and the end results. Beside that to establish the production facilities in those countries


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