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Blue Ribbon LLC Dubai

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Chinaware | Flatware | Holloware | Hotel Accessories | Hotel Linen | Hotel Supplies

Company Profile

Blue Ribbon views the passionate

Blue Ribbon views the passionate, committed employees as the most essential element for guaranteeing superior service to our customers. Therefore we created a work environment that brings out the best of each individual; and we strive to make the workday delightful for our employees. In return employees are expected to act responsibly and in the best interest of the company at all times.
Towards this end we, collectively, have adopted a number of VALUES that define our organization. Each of these measures, besides being an ethical guideline for each individual, is a source for improvement of the organization as a whole. Here we present the shared values of our TEAM highlighting how they reflect in our conduct.


Ability to collaborate is our major strength. It is self evident to us that the overall success of the organization emanates from an enthusiastic participation of all its part. Committed participation of all divisions of our organization is the driver of our resilient growth.


Capacity to evaluate circumstances rapidly & willingness to implement daring solutions signifies our decisiveness. Our systems and processes are tuned for efficient decision-making.


Flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing market scenario is our strength. For a market in a constant state of flux, the ability to evaluate the situation from a variety of perspectives is an indispensable trait; when situation demands we have the confidence to do things differently. We aspire to distinguish ourselves for our passion, pioneering spirit and above all for our nimble response to the permanent changes.


Utmost levels of ethical standards characterize our organization. We strive to earn respect and confidence of our business partners, customers, consumers and colleagues through our commitment to professionalism and transparency.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a trait evident in all aspects of our professional & personal responses. We are proud to guarantee highest level quality for the products, processes, services and the sourcing methods. By maintaining high levels of quality throughout, all that we do is to aim constantly to exceed the expectations of all of our business partners. Besides, as an organization, we are also committed to ensuring high quality of life of everyone in our organization.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152