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Benoit Technologies LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

About the Company

Benoit technologies started in 2009 to become a market leader in the information technology and power solutions sector. The firm has been successfully working with various clients and companies to provide integrated and comprehensive solutions for their requirements. They have become pioneers of certain technologies in the IT and power generation sectors. It is also one of the leading solar companies in the country as of now. Benoit technologies is
known for its diversity of product range, customer service, and quality commitment. The firm's after-sales support has made them a popular vendor across the UAE. The company has a presence in UAE, India, and UK for electrical equipment and supply-based services.

Products/Services Offered

The company Benoit technologies has a great reputation in the UAE and overseas market due to its ability to understand customer requirement, provide turnkey solutions with after-sales support.

The major categories in which the company has product supply is power, low current devices, and IT services. Benoit technologies supplies power systems such as UPS, DC solutions such as 48V DC system, Solar system, Solar water heaters, Automatic voltage stabilizer(Static & Servo), Inverter, 50 Hz/400Hz frequency converter, 28V DC ground power units, and batteries such as nickel-cadmium batteries, valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA)
batteries, and flooded wet cell batteries. You can also get UPS racks, replacement batteries, and telecommunication equipment from their team. The firm also provides UPS AMC, and other power system maintenance services for major companies. They stock and supply products of recognized brands such as Poweron, GE, MHB, and OptiUPS. Some of their popular services include UPS and battery maintenance, emergency field service and reports, and 24/7 on-call support by trained staff, Thermography Scanning, load bank testing, Power Audit, CCTV Maintenance, access control system maintenance, and IT support services.

Benoit technologies also deal with state of the art security integrated electrical systems. They provide tested and foolproof solutions in CCTV, Call Centers, Fiber Optic cabling, Visual system Integration, Audio Systems Integration, LAN/WAN, and Cat5, Cat5e & Cat6 installation. The company can provide solutions customized to your requirement and protect you from all internal/external threats.


Benoit technologies is a leading service provider for all UPS, Solar-powered devices, security systems, and support services in the UAE and overseas countries as well. The company has the best-trained staff to provide high-quality and timely service to all its clients.

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