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Axon Business Systems LLC is

Axon Business Systems LLC is a leading provider of Security Equipment, Integrated Solutions and Office Automation Technology in the Gulf region. We cater to the needs of the most demanding and quality conscious organizations and individuals. Serving the regional market since 1963, our products and services offer a markedly superior advantage to our valued client base.

Our business organization is structured to focus on providing expertise in each operation. Corporate sales, Channel marketing and Technical Services are the back-bone of the organisation. We continually scan the industry to bring innovative and cutting edge technologies to our customers. Our products are certified by recognized global certification bodies such as Underwriter's Laboratories (USA) and the European Certification Board (ECB.S). Axon is an ISO 9001:2008 and BS-OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company. Undoubtedly, offering assurance for your investment and peace of mind.

Brands listed

  • CASSIDA Counterfeit Detection
  • CASSIDA Note Counting
  • CHUBB LOCKS Prison Locks
  • CHUBBSAFES Filing Cabinets
  • CHUBBSAFES Fire & Burglar Resistant Safes
  • CHUBBSAFES High Security Safes
  • CHUBBSAFES Safe Deposit Lockers
  • GBC Binding
  • GBC Lamination
  • GUNNEBO Barriers
  • GUNNEBO Biometric Lock
  • GUNNEBO Bollards
  • GUNNEBO Cash Deposit Machine
  • GUNNEBO Electronic Security Solutions
  • GUNNEBO Physical Perimeter
  • GUNNEBO Road Blockers
  • GUNNEBO Sliding Gates
  • GUNNEBO Turnstiles
  • GUNNEBO Vault Doors
  • IDEAL Guillotines
  • IDEAL Shredders
  • IDEAL Trimmers
  • ISGUS Access Control
  • ISGUS Time Attendance/Time Recorder
  • ISGUS Time Recorder
  • LEGAMASTER Flipcharts
  • LEGAMASTER Interactive Board
  • LEGAMASTER White Boards
  • LEGAMASTER White Boards/Presentation Equipment
  • MODULEX Signboards/ Signage
  • MOVEX TRACK-O Motorized Hand Truck
  • MOVEX TRACK-O Stair Climber
  • ROTARY Mobile Shelving & Storage
  • S&G Access Control System
  • S&G Audit Locks
  • S&G Digital Locks
  • S&G IP Locks
  • S&G Mechanical Locks
  • S&G Sargent & Greenleaf
  • SENTRY Safe
  • SENTRY Security Lock
  • SHINJIN Safe Deposit Lockers
  • SHINJIN Safes
  • WAVETEC Digital Signage
  • WAVETEC Queuing System
  • XEROX Copier
  • XEROX Multi Function Printer


    Binders | Safes | Signage | Vaults | Planners | Digital Signage | Binding Machines | White Boards | Mobile Shelving | Safe | Safety Lockers | Deposit Lockers | Data Security | Binding Supplies | Lamination Machines | Lamination Pouches | Time Management | Attendance Systems | Rotary Shelving | Perimeter Security | Physical Security | Turnstiles | Markers | Electronic Security | Way Finding | Multifunction Printers | Queuing Systems | Laminators | Shredders
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