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About the Company

Automat Electronic Services is one of the pioneers in the field of industrial automation services in the UAE. The company has established itself as a single source service point organization and caters to almost all the requirements of industrial automation. It employs a team of highly skilled and qualified personnel who work to provide the highest quality services.

The core team of the company consists of the Engineering Department, Operations Department, and Customer Service who are bonded in a structured and transparent manner by the management. This in turn also helps the company to centrally coordinate the tasks and maintain the quality standards of service.

Products and Services Offered

As a solutions centric company, Automat Electronic provides various services such as Onsite Troubleshooting, Data Backup Services, Install Base Evaluation, Preventive Maintenance Contracts, and Specialized Equipment Services.

The company has a ready team of highly skilled onsite engineers who can analyze the workflow and exert strategic points to fault finding. They can carry out machine electronics diagnostics and easily zero in on the exact area of the fault, thus helping to resolve the issue on-site. In case any repair work has to be carried out, they can do so in the workshop and complete the task of running the machine on installation.

Automat Electronics can also support you in terms of supply. It can cater to all your needs of existing as well as obsolete Automation Spare requirements. With the help of its repair business, it can ensure the least turn around time. All spare parts come with a 6 to 12 months warranty, depending on the environment in which the equipment is installed. The company offers a very competitive quote for major industrial brands such as Seimens and ABB to name a few. It has a Central Logistics Hub to stock items and quickly supply them in times of need.


Automat Electronic Services has built up strategic partnerships through its global suppliers and supply chain to provide excellent service, affordable pricing when it comes to equipment, and innovative solutions to all existing problems. Its network of OEM suppliers, sales office, and distribution places it amongst the leading service providers in the field of industrial automation.

The company has an aggressive approach towards research and development and ensures providing solutions to re-manufacturing systems, system migrations, and turn-key solutions using state of the art technology and repairing procedures.

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