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ATN Media Concept LLC Dubai

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ATN Advertising is the Sales & Marketing hand of ATN Media, the market leaders in the publication of B-2-B directories.Other than Business Directories, we also bring out magazines, design & develop website portals and produce electronic catalogues (marketed as e-catlogs).We supply below-the-line graphics to a large number of satisfied customers as well. Headed by dynamic experienced professionals, ATN is headquartered in Dubai, with sales offices in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Mumbai (India). The company employs 80 staff members and owns copyrights to publish and distribute ABC Business Finder, ATN Product Finder, ATN Hotel & Restaurant Guide as well as licences to produce PrintWeek MEA., the flagship product of ATN Media was re-launched in 2010 with over 2.8 million hits and 5.5 million page views annually, and this number promises to grow by leaps and bounds every passing day. ATN Graphics and ATN E-Catalogues are the below-the-line graphic services offered by ATN Media. Our comprehensive data is consistently purified, and includes company names with contact details, business classification, brands, hotels, cuisines, locations etc.

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