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Ardh Al Arab Tents & Sheds Fix LLC Sharjah


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Company Profile

Ardh Al Arab Tents & Sheds Fix LLC - Profile

AL ARAB TENTS, the illustrious name that is admired for shading innovation in Arab world.
We are proud to introduce our company as TENTS & SHEDS MANUFACTURERS & FIXING limited liability company (LLC.)
Al Arab is one of the Sharjah (UAE) based company. Comprises the main office. The workshop and the stores. We are specialists at designing. Manufacturing and installation of highly quality Event Tents. Party Tents. Big Tents. Car Policing. Swimming Pool Sheds. Children Ploy Aero Sheds. Canopies. Awnings. Tensile Structures. Customized Stainless Steel Structures. Metal Structures. School Shedload any kind of Fabric Sheds work in the United Arab Emirates. We provide our clients with a turnkey solution.
Al Arab Tents has alliance with an Italian based company for design. Manufacturing and installation of PVDF and PVC projects. Clear span structure tent is the cutting edge in today's technology. it is extensive with structures available in clear-span widths from 3m to 50m. With no interior poles. It is designed to give maximum use of interior space and are engineered for high winds. Clear span structures can be anchored by stokes or weights. Also we have alliance with on Australian company for design. Manufacturing and installation of large spoon HDPE Shoed Structures.
Al Arab specializes in projects of tensile fabric structures. Al Arab Tents is an experienced designer and fabricator of custom space frames and dedicated canopy structure for private clients, intents to provide the market with high quality product and service. With highly skilled and experienced technical workforce. Al Arab Tents & Sheds proudly says that their growth is directly interrelated with their building reputation in the market. Due to consistent supply of quality products and delivery commitments. Today Al Arab Tents & Sheds is an established and popular company with excellent track record. Always looking for new designs and uniqueness in the industry. Al Arab Tents has kept clients pleased by providing those choices of selection to exactly fit to their requirements and make them aware of latest fabric and technology

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