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Born in 1974 with water

Born in 1974 with water treatment component moulding, Aqua Industrial Group S.p.A. always kept an inner politic very careful to customer's needs, always looking at european and International scenario.
Starting from a little family business, today Aqua Industrial Group S.p.A. in it's San Martino in Rio Headquarters counts an area of 7000 square meters in buildings, 4000 hosting production departments and 3000 for goods moving and stocking. 4000 more are under construction to host new departments.
Two factor:; distinguished the work of the society in recent years, a strong attention to changing markets and a company policy aimed at the development or commercial structures in areas considered strategic for logistical and market potential. Very important has been the experience in identifying, acquiring and integrating complementary businesses with their own, which enabled the group to achive significant synergies by' consolidating its market leadership. Today the group Aqua is International reality that owes its strength and its success to the work and commitment of many people. The breadth of scope and diversification of Product lines in the Group, the right mix of flexibility and timeliness, have, over the years, contributed to achieving a real competitive advantage

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