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Aqmm General Trading LLC Dubai


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Company Profile

About the Company

Aqmm General Trading LLC is a private company based in Dubai, UAE. The company is a stockiest and supplier of hardware and engineering products that range from commercial to consumer use. These products are provided from some of the world's most recognized brand names. The company has an experience of over 18 years and can hence easily help to find the right equipment for you.

The company has a sound logistics team that is well versed with the rules and regulations of ports in different countries such as Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe. The company remains updated with all the changes in these rules, if any, which might be brought about by the various governments.

Products and Services Offered

Aqmm General Trading LLC provides a full suite of end-to-end services as well as engineering solutions to its global client base. The company provides extensive market information, world-class services, and efficient logistic solutions at highly compelling prices. The company is a trustworthy distributor of Yale, Union, Euroart, and Iseo door accessories. It also provides iron mangory products and those of Sandpiper pump USA.

From Yale Smart Living, it provides Yale Entr, Digital Locks, Yale Code Handle, and Digital Viewers. From Euroart, it provides SS Knobs, Escutcheons, Thumb Turn, Back Plate, Pull Handles, Brass Knobs, Mortice Locks, Hinges, and more. S20 Metallic and Non-Metallic Pumps, S1 Metallic Pumps, and HDF2 Metallic pumps are provided from Sandpiper USA.

Besides this, the company also provides building and miscellaneous equipment such as carpentry tools, fasteners, safety items, some general tools and general hardware equipment, welding items, gardening tools, rigging items, abrasives, paint peripherals, adhesives as well as furniture hardware. In addition to being used in the construction and manufacturing industry, these items can be employed at a variety of commercial as well as personal places.


Aqmm General Trading not only sells products, but it also provides end-to-end services to ease the operation for its customers. The company has enough experience to understand the importance of customer in any business activity. Hence, it always aims to put your organization first.

The company also provides projections based on the requirements and can show how to save time. It can also help make optimum use of the storage space and utilize the funds properly for acquiring high-quality and durable raw materials along with cheap but efficient labor to carry out the work.

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