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Anwar Muhammad Passenger Transport By Rented Buses LLC Dubai

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Anwar Muhammad Passenger Transport By Rented Buses LLC Profile

ANWAR Muhammad Passenger Transport L.L.C is a dynamic part of the Anwar group of companies .firmly based on our motto of service with dedication we started in the year 2005. Our high standards and consistent reliability to clients big and small have succeeded in granting us with an unparalleled reputation .The paramount importance we give to customer satisfaction has regulated in our customers regarding us as friends rather than service providers. Our vision … each step we take is not the final accomplishment, but is the beginning of a new growth .Every small step take us further in betterment of the transport service through the establishment of standards. Our Mission … is dedicated to giving our customers a level of satisfaction, quality, value service that will exceed their expectations. It is our outmost desire to provide our clients the widest and the finest selection of the vehicles, and services with driver and fuel at the best prices. Therefore, customer satisfaction is kept as our primary objective, it earn their money. We posses and advantage over other transporters because of our unique system of providing replacements any time in any corner of the emirates. Our continuing passion for progressive innovation has brought the same efficiency & professionalism into our transport service. We are determined to constantly improve and refine our service to you Anwar Group of Companies o Passenger Transport o Land Transport SOME OF OUR CLIENT Corporate Clients o Cloisal gulf co o ETA PPD o China Railway Constructions o Actco General Contracting o Bahwan Group of Companies (Oman) o Al Fajer Marine Groups o China Jiangsu o System Constructions o Al Khoori Hill Contracting Hotels o Deira Sheraton Hotel o Hilton Hotel Creek Schools & Colleges o Tawheed Iranian School o Al Tawheed University The above mention are just a few of our corporate clients, have been working since the past two years. Distinctive Qualities o Individual care for all passengers on board. o Efficient, dedicated drivers who are familiar all locations in all emirates. o Helpers on board for school buses as per the specification requested by schools. o Earliest replacements in case of breakdown or an accident. Our Services o Transportation for staff and labors of different kinds. o Transportation for school and college students. o Transportation for hotel staff. o Air port and crew transport. o Cargo transport ANWAR Muhammad Passenger Transport L.L.C our motto is "customer satisfaction is o
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