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American British Surgical & Medical Centre (ABSAMC) Dubai


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American British Surgical & Medical Centre (ABSAMC) Profile

The American British Surgical & Medical Centre is a dedicated facility committed to providing the best possible care for its clients. As its name suggests, American British Surgical & Medical Centre has a strong association with the high quality western medical model and has hand picked the best Plastic Surgeons in the US in BEVERLY HILLS to come to Dubai and serve the population in the Middle East. At ABSAMC, we pride ourselves on our patient-centric approach to healthcare, which means that care delivery is shaped around the individual and their condition. This is unlike most facilities, where the only specialist that a patient is able to see is the one that is available at the time. We have following Famous Hollywood surgeons operating at our center in Dubai. YOU WONT FIND THEM ANYWHERE ELSE !!!
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