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Amber Clinics Dubai


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Amber Clinics Profile

A Warm Welcome to Amber Clinics - Caring for You.
Amber Clinics were founded and established in 2010 by Gulf Healthcare International as part of their progressive and innovative mission to provide accessible, quality healthcare for the people of the GCC and their future generations.
Amber clinics have created a vision for quality, accessible healthcare, managed by extremely proficient teams of quality supervisors, nurses, technicians and specialist doctors of international standard and calibre.


By providing expert diagnosis and medical guidance through multiple specialties and the latest in modern technology together with the best international safety standards we will create a strong focus on positive patient experience and medical outcomes. Through being focused and committed to consistent positive patient experience, Amber Clinics will set a unique precedence in Dubai, not only raising the standards for patients but creating the blueprint for future healthcare development generally in our region.

The Amber Vision

Amber Clinics seek to be recognized for developing highly specialized family medicine in modern, high technology practices with between 8 20 specialties in each location bringing the best medical standards from the east and west with truly international clinical teams.

Our Commitment to Quality

We choose to put our growing network of Amber Clinics through strict international quality standards such as JCI Quality Assurance Standards as a demonstration of our commitment to not just improving the healthcare standards of this region, but by raising them to international levels of quality acceptance and setting the benchmark for other healthcare providers.
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