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Ali Yaqoob Trading Co LLC Dubai

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Centrifugal Pumps | Flow Meters | Fuel Dispensers | Fuel Hoses | Fuel Meters | Fuel Pumps | Hose Pipes | Petrol Dispensers | Petroleum Equipment | Water Meters

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About The Company

For over 35 years, AYTC has been acknowledged as the leading distributor and service agent of fluid handling equipment in Dubai, UAE

We have been providing premium quality products and tailor-made solutions to the chemical, petrochemical, oil, natural gas, liquefied gases, truck, transport, liquid terminals, F&B, construction, building materials, aviation, marine & military markets since 1986.

Our products include but are not limited to transfer pumps, flow meters, hose reels, fuel dispensers, LPG compressors, tank truck equipment, tank gauging systems, overfill prevention & grounding systems, ISO tank fittings, hoses, fuel nozzles, pipes, pipe fittings & more

When you use an AYTC product or service, you see our commitment to excellence.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152