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Alfa Electrochlorination Specialists LLC Abu Dhabi

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Alfa Electrochlorination Specialists LLC Profile

Alfa Electrochlorination Specialists LLC was established in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in July 2004. We take pride in designing, manufacture, supply, install and commission custom made chlorination packages to the Oil and Gas sector for Water Treatment. We also offer a unique refurbishment facility allowing us to restore chlorination plants by assessing, analyzing, cleaning, repairing, testing and commissioning the electrolyzer cells back into the plant reducing the businesses costs of maintaining a healthy plant and extending the life. We always ensure our clients that all design, materials, manufacturing techniques and workmanship is in accordance with the highest acceptable standards for this type of equipment. Over 35 years of international experience has proved we have been able to meet range of client demands in such areas as industrial, leisure and municipal. We can provide excellent design skills, excellent customer service and full support for our clients. Alfa Electrochlorination Specialists LLC is the only company of its kind in the Middle East offering electrochlorination packages making us the Original Equipment Manufacturer for Electrochlorination


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