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Alefy Trading LLC Dubai

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AVR | CAT Spare Parts | Cummins Generator | DSE | Diesel Generators | FG Wilson | Fleetguard Spare Parts | Light Towers | Mahle Spare Parts | Perkins Generator in UAE | Solar Solutions

Company Profile

About the Company

The energy solutions industry is very important to the success and prosperity of all major manufacturing and commercial units. It needs expertise, experience, and knowledge. Alefy FZE has all of these in spades. The company has been a leading product and solutions provider in the electrical equipment supply and power generation industry. The company has over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom solutions for various industries as per their individual requirement. Alefy FZE has become a chosen and preferred vendor in the UAE owing to their service commitment, technical knowledge, quality products with warranty, after-sales, and maintenance support.

Products/Services Offered

When it comes to power generation, the customer needs are different based on site conditions, work environment, and government regulations. Understanding this, Alefy FZE stocks and supplies different types of Generators from leading brands. The company deals in Open type diesel generator, silent type diesel generator, trailer type diesel generator from Perkins and Cummins. These generators are some of the best products in the market for big commercials and retail spaces. They can be used for office space, industrial setups, warehouses, and residential buildings as well.

The sign of a good vendor is not just the supply of the initial power generation device but the ability to handle maintenance and troubleshoot any issues. Alefy FZE deals with aftermarket spare parts from Mahle and McBee branded spare parts for all types of diesel generators from Perkins, Cummins, and Caterpillar. When you are dealing with an experienced vendor like Alefy FZE, you do not have to handle any hassle when it comes to supply, installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting works. The team is there to take care of it efficiently.

The company also deals with light towers from Perkins and Kubota. Alefy FZE supplies these to leading names in the oil and gas rigs industry, construction sites, hospitality sectors, and commercial property management firms. Light towers come in handy for continuous illumination without operation hassle.


When it comes to power generation devices such as diesel generators or light fixtures/light towers, Alefy FZE will provide a hassle-free and efficient product delivery and service. The company is one of the best in the business and has a ton of experience/knowledge to back it up.

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