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Al Zahra Al Malakia Building Materials Trading LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

Al Zahra Al Malakia Bldg Matl Trdg LLC

AL Zahra Al Malakia Bldg. Mat. Trdg. LLC AZM
is a UAE based business house dealing in ceramic tiles, sanitary wares and bath fittings and other products through wholesale, retail and project divisions catering to customers in the MEA (Middle East & Africa) region. Our products are especially designed to cater to the ever changing requirements of the sector.

AZM finds its origins in the India based Pedhiwala group, which was established in 1971 dealing in ceramic tiles, bathwares and fittings. Some of the brands that we have associated with in India includes Johnson, Jaquar, Perryware, Nirali, Simpolo and Qutone.

In order to further expand the established business in the UAE. AZM began its operations in 2010 under a different name and adopted its present name in 2013. Since then, AZM has grown exponentially, dealing with estate developers, contractors and even retailers. AZM, over the years has been able to develop positive business relationship with major constructing firms, consultants and real estate developers in the UAE as well as Oman.

Our Distribution Division has a wide variety of products for creating optimal spaces.
We are also one of the largest stockist of Indian ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, bathwares and fittings in the UAE. We take pride in supplying products to more than 150 retailers across the UAE as well as Oman via our stockyards located in Sajaa Industrial Area, Sharjah. By developing our distribution division, we have been able to connect with retailers across the UAE and ensure that we are able to hold a sizable market share for building material supply and distribution.

The Projects Division offers solutions to meet large scale project requirements.
Our team of dedicated sales professionals assist consultants, contractors and real estate developers in the UAE as well as Oman in meeting their fixtures, tiling and other interior finish material requirements for their ongoing projects. We take pride in supplying right high quality materials with accurate specifications, especially imported from Italy, Spain, Turkey, India and China. Furthermore, we also offer assistance to traders across the MEA region to procure high quality products from the Indian Ceramic Industry.

Our Retail Division showcases our products for customers to visit.
For the ease of our retail customers, we have a showroom at Building Material Mall in Warsan 3, Dubai, the location being a major hub of building material industry in the U.A.E. provides our retail customers and contractors with unmatched buying experience and unparalleled customer service.

We are committed to provide our products at the right time with right quality standards matching to the order requirements and to provide value added products with trendy designs which fit within all budgets.

To be referred as the most favorable company by contractors, consultants and retailers for providing high quality products & customer friendly service in the MEA region.

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