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Al Zabar Kitchen Equipment Sharjah

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Al Zabar Kitchen offers a broad range of Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Food Courts, Educational Institutions, Industrial Canteens, Take away outlets, Clubs, Supermarket, Bakery and other food serving outlets along with Planning, Designing CAD layouts and Facilitates Maintenance & Services

We are highly professional and experienced team, we understand this business in its entirety from source to end user. Our project references continue to grow each day and make us even more recognized for the quality of equipment , professionalism and the efficient service that we provide. In doing business with Al Zabar Kitchen, you are dealing with a very professional organization, which understands your requirements from your point of view. It is our commitment, quality, value and efficiency that has endured us with our clients in this business consistently year after year.

We can provide equipment ranges sourced from different origins to suit the requirement and taste of all clients. We are leading International brands in the Food Service Industry varying from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, UK and U.S.A. Our Service & Maintenance team of engineers provide emergency breakdown cover, planned preventative maintenance and equipment installation services for our customers

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152