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Al Sahm Al Saree Transport & Cargo Clearing LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

Al Sahm Al Saree ASAS

Al Sahm Al Saree (ASAS) Transport was founded in 1985 with an office and yard in Ras al Khor Industrial Area 1. After three decades in business, today ASAS can proudly claim to be innovative and customer-focused, like the best corporate houses in Dubai.
From inception, we've been a fully fledged haulier/logistics company, which provides additional support in the form of document clearance.
Our vision is to bring a service and hospitality centric approach to the logistics business, identifying the clients' pain points and making sure that we unburden you.
This client-centric nature of doing business has ensured that we offer one-stop solutions to all client needs. With a fleet size of 250 and growing, we concentrate on transport and hauling of containers in the UAE, focussing on Dubai. Our daily transport capacity exceeds 100 containers, handled by a team of knowledgeable drivers.
Our document clearing team provides expertise in processing and any related clearing at shipping agencies or ports.
We offer container storage on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly lease. In addition, our warehousing facilities, spread across 7500sqft, are available on a yearly basis.
Our end-to-end solutions include a workshop and a maintenance team of 15, available round the clock. In addition, we have a container and trailer repair workshop to cater to any size and damage.
Trailer manufacturing, using high tensile strength steel and chassis, with a capacity of loads up to 60 tonnes, completes our service list. You can also contact us for re-fabrication and customised alterations, including installation of foaming and air-conditioning.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152