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Al Rostamani Pegel LLC was

Al Rostamani Pegel L.L.C. was originally founded in 1998 as a project management company through a partnership between the renowned, UAE-based, Al Rostamani Group and Gustav Pegel & Sohn - a Berlin-based, 145-year-old German construction company.
By 2002, the Company's successes led to our advancement of becoming a full-fledged construction enterprise. Today, Al Rostamani Pegel L.L.C boasts a team of like-minded employees including highly experienced engineers, administration professionals and skilled workmen.
Since its inception, Al Rostamani Pegel L.L.C. has helped architect the UAE's skyline with landmark developments, and has redefined what it means to be innovative, resourceful and diverse with every project.
Our development portfolio consist of prominent commercial and residential tower buildings, such as 21st Century Tower, Maze Tower, Indigo Tower, Al Nasser Tower, etc., and also include townhouses, luxury villas, five-star hotels, schools, medical centers, automobile showrooms and various infrastructure buildings.

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