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Al Ras Textiles Establishment - ARASTCO Umm Al Quwain

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Al Ras Textiles Establishment

Al Ras Textiles Establishment (ARASTCO - SB Group of Companies) was established in early 2015 and provide our customers with complete in-house solutions to their entire garment manufacturing needs. We can source fabrics and trims and have pattern making and grading facilities. Our entire garment cutting and making up is done in-house with no work being outsourced that result us in total control over our products, which we closely monitor to maintain our exceptionally high quality standards.

Al Ras Textiles Establishment (ARASTCO - SB Group of Companies) has been one of the nation's leading brand names in outerwear. We produce quality clothing means employing only quality people right from top to bottom. Our management team comprises highly trained professionals selected as much for their commercial creativity as for their technical skills. Our diverse collection of styles are designed to offer superior comfort, high quality and exceptional values.

Al Ras Textiles Establishment (ARASTCO - SB Group of Companies) pride ourselves on developing a special understanding and relationship with our customers, always working in close partnership with them. With our commitment to excel in customer satisfaction, we are constantly investing in new technology and people to increase our capability to gain even more business from our customers. It is for this reason that we are now able to boast a solid base of experience, a well-established customer portfolio and are now able to fulfill our customers' needs right from designing, range building and timely production to scheduled deliveries.

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